For Students

SHIRU CAFE® positively impacts the lives of students throughout college. Students enjoy free select coffee, tea and juice while learning about careers, companies and job opporunities.


Free Drinks

Students get high-quality coffee, tea or juice for free. They can buy drinks to go for just $1. (University faculty and staff can also buy drinks in-store or to-go at the price of $1).

High–Speed Internet

Free Wi-Fi is available to student customers in SHIRU CAFE®.

Electrical Outlets

Our cafés have many power outlets that students are free to use.

Comfortable Study Spaces

We provide comfortable spaces where students can study. University faculty and staff are also allowed to use these spaces, which makes our cafés great locations for faculty meeting with university students.

Connect with companies

At SHIRU CAFE®, we host a variety of events where students get advice from company officers about their studies, students' startups, and future careers opportunities.

Information about Companies

SHIRU CAFE® gives students information about businesses and opportunities in the professional world to help them choose their future careers.