Our Mission

To create a place where students can learn about the professional world and envision their future careers.
SHIRU CAFE® is powered by ENRISSION Inc.

CEO Yusuke Kakimoto founded Enrission Inc. in Kyoto, Japan in 2013. Kakimoto's vision was for SHIRU CAFE® to "be a place where students can learn about the professional world and envision their future careers." Today, SHIRU CAFE® is well-known the world over with more than 150 corporate sponsors using SHIRU CAFE® to connect with students.

ENRISSION = Enrich + Impression
A Brand New Business Model

SHIRU CAFE® has developed a unique business model that is new to the café business, career exploration and college recruiting. SHIRU CAFE® is supported by corporate sponsors who communicate with students in a variety of ways throughout their college years. SHIRU CAFE® provides comfortable furniture in a great atmosphere for studying, socializing and special events. Over time, SHIRU CAFE® is able to help students better understand their choices when the job hunt begins.


Free Drinks

Students get high-quality coffee, tea or juice for free. They can buy drinks to go for just $1. University faculty and staff can buy drinks in-store or to-go for $1.

Information about Companies

SHIRU CAFE® give students information about businesses and the professional world to help them choose their future careers.

Comfortable Study Spaces

We provide comfortable study space for students. University faculty and staff can also use these spaces, making our cafes ideal for student-faculty meetings.

High–Speed Internet

Free Wi-Fi is available to students, faculty and staff in SHIRU CAFE®.

Connect with companies

At SHIRU CAFE®, we hold many kinds of events where students receive advice from company representatives about industries, startups, college studies, and more.

Electrical Outlets

Our cafés have plenty of free power outlets for students to use.

Sponsor Companies

Promotional Cups

We put your logo on customer cups. Sponsors can also have information about products, internships, etc. printed on cups.

Digital Advertisements

Similar to ads on cups, sponsor companies can have promotional information projected on screens located throughout the café.

Company Information on Student Smartphones

Customers order drinks from a personal page on the SHIRU CAFE® app where sponsor companies provide information.


We conduct surveys to gauge the effectiveness of our advertising and create questionnaires tailored to sponsor needs.

Meetup with Students

At SHIRU CAFE® we hold many kinds of events for students and companies to interact. At these events companies learn about student academic interests, start-ups and more.

Baristas Help Students Understand Sponsor Offerings

We have specially trained staff members who give students additional information about our sponsors while they enjoy coffee.


To Students
Students can use SHIRU CAFE® services for free. They can hang out, enjoy a free beverage, study and learn about their future careers.


Students can study at SHIRU CAFE®. Our hope is that our high quality beverages will help students relax and focus on their studies and research.

Space for Relaxation

Shiru Cafes are an oasis for students. They can sit back with their coffees and relax in comfort and style.

Career Cafe

We provide a continuous stream of opportunities for students to learn about companies and shape their future careers.

Meetup Space

Students have opportunities to talk to business people about a wide variety of topics: academics, research interests, start-up plans, etc.
To Universities
University faculty and staff can enjoy our services as well. Meetings between faculty and students often take place in our cafes.
SHIRU CAFE® Shiru Cafe provides services to students, professors and university staff. We seek to be a hub of carrer related communication and activities.
To the Local Community
We express our thanks to the local community through financial contributions and charity events.

Charity Events

We hold charity events for children and the elderly.

Free Drinks

We distribute free drinks including coffee and tea to the local community to express our gratitude.

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